Flamies, Flowers, and Frogs

Happy almost spring! The return of Daylight Saving Time always makes the idea of spring seem real again. Our crocuses have begun blooming, a frog reappeared today in our pond (first we heard him, then we saw him), and I have been nominated for two Flamie Awards! For anyone unfamiliar with these, they are officially the Flaming Hook of Justice awards from the Crochet Liberation Front. The CLF is not a group of anarchists, but rather an amalgamation of people who love crochet and want to make sure the craft is promoted and respected.

You can read all about it, and vote, too! at http://www.crochetliberationfront.com/2011/03/hook-the-vote-2011-flamie-time/

I'm nominated in two categories this year: Best Accessory, for the Lilytopia Shawl; and Best Designer, Home Decor (mostly for my pillows). It's an honor to be listed alongside designers who are household names in the crochet world. I'm delighted that there is so much going on with the craft. Hop on over to the CLF blog and take a look.

Inspiration comes from many places. On a trip to USC in Los Angeles recently, we came upon a display of student work outside the architecture school. Here are some of the projects. I think they were supposed to be different types of seating, but I'm not sure about that. It was fun to see the totally different ways the students approached the assignment, from a colorful bench, to a wooden framework, to a hanging chair made of whiffle balls.

And how about the angles, curves, and infinite blues and silvers in this shot of the Marriott and Ritz at L.A. Live? Dyers, get to work! A touch of Mondrian, echoes of Lego blocks, and Mother Nature's handiwork all in one.