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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You may remember that I mentioned another Sharon, Sharon DeLaCruz, in a blog post not long ago. I noted at the time that she has a compelling life story, one of accomplishment, setbacks, and perseverance. As we have begun to get better acquainted, Sharon is becoming a combination role model and business associate for me. We have common aims of balancing our creative time and our marketing time.

Sharon is a fine artist as well as a fiber artist, and she brings her color sensibility to her crochet work. Take a look at this unusual scarf (photo is used with Sharon's permission). This is just one of the many gorgeous pieces she has designed and crocheted--you can see them on her website or her FB page. Or just Google her and you will get a slew of results.

But it is her marketing wizardry that impresses and inspires me even more. Not only does she have her work in retail stores including Sears (not exactly small potatoes!), but she is an author, participates in fashion events, is an early adopter of technologies like smart phone sales, has had her work featured on television programs and in print, and so on. Her energy and professionalism are outstanding.

We are going to talk later this week about ways we can collaborate and/or support each other's design efforts. It's perfect timing for me--with my scarf book coming out in July 2012, marketing is at the forefront of my tasks. I'm already working toward a website redesign, but that's just the beginning. I am very excited about the possibilities of what two Sharons with shared goals can do!

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