Are You Ready for the Book Tour?

UPDATE 8/26: The tour stop at has been moved to September 9. I hope all of you have had a good summer. Here in Pennsylvania it has been truly lovely, with very few of the "hazy, hot, and humid" days that can make July and August oppressive. Instead, we have had mostly clear skies with low humidity and reasonable temperatures. A beautiful backdrop for spending time with family and friends, and doing some local travels.

And now the release of Tunisian Crochet for Baby, published by Stackpole Books, is just days away! This is the first of my crochet titles that will receive the benefit of some advertising on Ravelry. Please let me know if you see the ads, and where they popped up, so I can look. Same with any social media posts or newsletters from yarn companies.

The book is going on tour starting tomorrow---I do miss the days when the author actually went places to sign books, but I'll console myself with the upcoming TNNA Phoenix show---and I am thrilled with the people who have agreed to blog about Tunisian Crochet for Baby (either with book reviews, giveaways, guest posts, or a combination). It's an honor to know they are looking at my work. I've met a few of these impressive women in person and hope to meet all of them someday. I learn a lot from their blogs and from their approach to crafting in general, and crochet in particular. I hope you will become regular visitors to their blogs!

Please check out their sites on the following days:

September 2, Craft Gossip

September 8, Peppermint Mocha Mama

September 9, CraftFoxes [NOT 8/26 as originally planned]

September 10, Underground Crafter

September 12, Happily Hooked

September 15, Poetry in Yarn

September 17, Hooked on Crafting

September 19, CraftLit and Crochet Concupiscence

September 23, Crochet Queen's Royal Ramblings

September 25, Ambassador Crochet

September 26, Karen Whooley

September 29, I Hook Design

September 30, Not Your Granny's Crochet

October 1, The Crochet Architect

October 2, Crochet Cafe/Cute Crochet Chat

October 3, Celtic Knot Crochet

October 6, Amy Solovay

October 7, Crochet with Dee

There may be one more addition, but we are waiting to hear back from that person.

As for the book's specifics, there are 23 Tunisian crochet patterns. Blankets, hats, mittens, a skirt, sweaters, a nursery box and washcloths, a christening set, a poncho...lots of variety in style, stitch patterns, colors, and yarn weights. Here are some photos. I'll save the rest for later posts. Enjoy!

Entrelac Blanket

Zippered Hoodie


Nursery Box and Washcloth Quartet

Checkerboard Blanket and HatCheckerboard Blanket and Hat

Sherbet Stripes Blanket and Hat


Christening Bonnet and Booties

Christening Gown