Book Sale for International Crochet Day

Wednesday, 9/12 is International Crochet Day! To celebrate, I'm offering 25 signed copies of Crochet Pillows for $16 each (plus shipping) on etsy. The cover price is $24.95, so it's a savings of almost $9. My shop link is here. You don't have to wait until Wednesday, the listing is live now.
A recent shopping trip revealed some hot trends for this season. Color block is everywhere--Piet Mondriaan-style geometrics with black, white, yellow, blue, occasionally red. (I remember trying to paint an imitation myself, taping off a canvas so the edges of the paint blocks would be straight. There's a good reason I went into fiber arts and didn't become a painter.)
The other thing I saw a lot of was chevrons, which is great because I love to crochet those!  The Lakeside Cliffs Shawl that I just did for My Crochet Kits is based on a chevron variation.

The Knit & Crochet Show is in Reno this week. I won't be attending, but I'm eager to hear about it from those who will be there. Several of my patterns will be there with My Crochet Kits. I'm very grateful to Debra for her interest in my work. If you are there and see someone wearing the green "Ripples on the Lake Wrap," please say hi to her and tell her you know me! This is Debra's first show--the Crochet Liberation Front graciously invited her to share some space in their booth--and it should give her a good feel for the interest level in her wonderful kits. She's doing a giveaway every day, so make sure you stop by and enter if you're on site.
I finished up a bunch of non-crochet projects recently. Now it's time to concentrate on the next round of design, and to work on the formal proposal for my next big project. Things will be a little challenging this week because the roof is getting replaced. I jumped out of my chair a couple of times today when a sudden BANG! from above startled me, but it really hasn't been too bad. And at least it keeps me awake.
What will you be doing to celebrate International Crochet Day?