New website, new pattern

A website is like any other publication: the more planning and design you can do before you dive in, the better the results are likely to be. In a way, it was good that my old site was so outdated and hard to use: there was no question that I needed a new one. My list of goals was long, and included a stylish, clean look; easy for me to update on my own without a computer expert; all external links to open in separate windows; places for my photos; newsletter signup...and more. Sandra Perilli at FolioFLY to the rescue! Sandy and I met through a mutual friend a couple of years ago. She helped me with some professional things then, and with the time right for me to have a redesigned website, she was my top choice. I can't say enough about how well this process went, and how happy I am with the results. There has been a tremendous amount of back and forth, especially in the past month, but the time we spent making decisions about how things would look and work is well worth it. On Friday, Sandy walked me through WordPress training. She prepared a fantastic document, complete with screen shots, circled items, reminders, and tips. I'm not the brightest pixel on the screen, but the way Sandy explained things, even I can be successful updating my website. This blog entry is my first stab at it.

One thing I want to use the website for is to announce new voila! Here is the Anaconda Wrap, worked in Tunisian net (full) stitch and Tunisian simple stitch with Plymouth Wilde yarn. The yarn is super bulky thick-and-thin, but the weight doesn't change as dramatically as some other thick-and-thin yarns, which makes it easier to work with. I love the neutral colors. It was tough to decide which stitch pattern to use, so I opted for both! The pattern is available for download on Ravelry. (Ravelry requires a signup but isn't in your face like you-know-whatbook. ) I haven't added the information to the "showcase" page on my website, yet, but plan to try in the next day or two. I can only learn so many things at once!

With so many different devices and platforms in use--we tested as many as possible--please let me know if anything on my website doesn't look right on your machine. If you ever send a message through the website and I don't respond, I'm not ignoring you! Assume that there is a technical problem, and please email me directly (outside of the website) at to tell me. Thank you for your assistance during the site's shakedown cruise!