T(NNA)-minus three days and counting!

What a long checklist I have before departing for The National NeedleArts Association trade show in Columbus, OH on Friday! (Everyone just calls the show "TNNA," as in, "Are you going to TNNA?") Here are a few items:

  • Block scarves, then attach labels/business cards to each;
  • Pack the display signs to give each yarn company with the display scarves (beautiful but heavy);
  • Pack two copies of Crochet Scarves, one copy of Tunisian Crochet and one copy of Crochet Pillows (ditto), plus some of my other patterns;
  • Assemble all relevant paperwork, including passport, airplane reservation, hotel reservation, frequent flyer/stayer numbers, party invitation, all TNNA literature (badge, show floor map, events listing), business cards, background information/resume ;
  • Learn how to use iPad, at least on a rudimentary level;
  • Buy new pair of light brown huaraches or hope that nobody notices that my current pair is falling apart;
  • Make mask for designers' masquerade party;
  • Confirming appointments with yarn companies and other TNNA folks;
  • Decide which projects to bring to work on.

Those are only the show-related items. Also on the list are the "stuff of life" things I have to do here before I depart, like watering the plants, doing the laundry and deciding which clothes to pack, fixing a leak in the frog pond tomorrow so we can run the stream without draining it, trying not to ruin my nails while working on said pond, mailing cards for occasions I'll miss while gone, writing a newsletter for the Brandywine Museums and Gardens Alliance, and doing some last-minute shopping.

I think this is my fourth time attending TNNA, and this time I really feel prepared. I'll be doing a book-signing for Crochet Scarves, which is so new that I just received my copies today! (If you'll be at TNNA, my signing is at the Unicorn Booth, #109, on Sunday at 12:15. Please stop by their booth earlier in the weekend to pick up your free ticket.) I have pored over the exhibitor list and found all of the booths where I need to drop off scarves and signs. I also set up several appointments with yarn company reps and other fiber folks. I think it will be a very productive show from many standpoints.

Friday night is the designers' party hosted by Marly Bird, aka Yarn Thing. It will be wonderful to connect with some of the people I've met before, and to meet others whose names I know but whom I haven't had the chance to see in person. Interestingly, the fashion show that is usually in the evening is scheduled for Saturday morning. There are always some really incredible garments. I probably won't have enough time between the show opening (10 a.m.) and the start of the fashion show (10:15) to drop off my items for display, so I'll have to wait until the fashion show ends at 11:15.

I haven't decided whether to attend the designer/teacher meeting Saturday evening. I went several times in the past, and found that the same issues kept being raised with no resolution. I think I get more from my informal conversations with other designers than from the structured meeting. Maybe I'll just see how exhausted I am at 6 p.m. Saturday before I decide!

Even though I'm in "administrative mode" getting ready for the trip, I did take time today to enjoy the wonderful experience of opening a box full of copies of my new book. I can hardly believe that this is my fifth crochet title, and my fourteenth book overall. (I must be getting old!) It was a fun project to work on. Loved having the shots of the finished items taken at the Art Association of Harrisburg and the riverfront across from there. So happy with photographer Alan Wycheck's pictures, as usual! This is the first time I've included symbol charts with my patterns. It was a lot of work back and forth with Stackpole Books to create the charts, but worth it to accommodate those who like charts. Tammy Hildebrand, Board Member and Professional Development Chairperson for the Crochet Guild of America, wrote a lovely endorsement for the back cover. I hope crocheters will enjoy the projects--all 21 of 'em, including 7 Tunisian crochet patterns and 1 broomstick lace--and will post pictures of their finished scarves.

Now I can check one item off my list: update blog!