What fun it was to go to New York City and spend the evening at Lion Brand Yarn Studio!

It was raining and misty on my drive up, but the weather cooperated when I arrived. (Carrying an umbrella always guarantees that the rain will stop.) I enjoyed an hour or so of exploring the Flatiron neighborhood and watching the people. Lots of dogs, too.

Back at LBYS, studio manager Patty Lyons and I did a brief video chat for "Talks from The Yarniverse." Here's the link if you want to check it out. The talk was filmed in the second-floor classroom, a large space where I have taught before. 

Lion Brand likes to do things in the BIG way, so in the classroom they have giant knitting needles and hooks, a giant ball of yarn, and other oversized things. I was honored to receive what I'm calling "The Order of the Hook," a perpweight in the shape of a crochet hook from Lion Brand CEO David Blumenthal. It weighs almost 11 ounces and my best guess is that it is a size Q, although you wouldn't want to crochet with it because your hand would get sore in two minutes. Don't drop that thing on your toe, either! It's a very nice souvenir that I am pleased to use on my desk to keep my patterns from blowing away.

The event on the first floor, in the lovely retail space, was really fun. We had a good turnout. Scarves were enthusiastically modeled by volunteers, people asked lots of good questions, and my lovely cousin Arlette was there for family support.  Here are a few pictures:



The evening concluded with a book-signing of Crochet Scarves (and Tunisian Crochet--a few people were interested in that, too). I met so many nice people! I was also happy to be able to donate a hat to the collection Lion Brand is putting together for those in need.

After the event was over, I had dinner with my cousin at Mumbles in her neighborhood. It was great to spend some time one-on-one with her.

Now it's time to work on some new designs, a book proposal, a Crochet Scarves trunk show, and projects for I hope all of you are feeling energized and are enjoying what you're working on!