Teaching for Annie's

After months in the works, I had the opportunity two weeks ago to fly to Indiana and film an online class for Annie's.  Most of you crafters will know Annie's for their catalog and craft supplies. They also have an impressive and growing line of classes. Instructors that have worked for them include Lily Chin, Ellen Gormley, Patty Lyons, and Rohn Strong, to name just a few. Anyway, late last summer I was approached by Susan Sullivan. Susan is now president of the Crochet Guild of America, and she works as a producer for Annie's. She and I met several years ago when she was with Leisure Arts; thanks to her, LA has published several of my crochet titles.  Susan wanted to know if I was interested in submitting a proposal for an Annie's class that would be available online and via DVD. (You have probably guessed by now that I can't yet reveal the name of the class--sorry!--as soon as I get the okay I'll share the content with you.)

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